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Pastor Introduction.

Imran Raza

I was under the Custody of demons from 10 year .Thus I got rid of it in 2001 .I was healed and recovered too .A few days later I accepted Jesus Christ ,Who shall reign forever .I was abode to serve him in all cases in at that time my ordination was performed too in the same year.

MY Services.

Service is the men, service of God. I am serving his public as most of the people come to me in this church suffered from medical diesis, Devil power’s pressurized. Childless and demon’s Survivors too. Having come to this church, all of them return recovering. This Kingdom living church is for the whole public, those who come on this Platform for the recovering purpose


In the name of Christ Jesus, my dearest brother, sister, children and forefather too. I pray for you by grace of the lord God, who created us by. His glorious hand, so that we could take, His Blessing and boons those bring about prosperity and advantages too,

pastor imran

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